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Medik8 Ultimate Recovery


Ultimate Recovery 30ml


Ultimate Recovery is an intensive restorative cream suitable for dry and compromised skin and for post-treatment. The rich moisturisers help restore the skin barrier function and dramatically improve its appearance. It helps provide the optimum environment for rapid proliferation of epithelial cells & promotes a protective environment for collagen synthesis. Developed to minimise downtime associated with aesthetic treatments. Can be used every day and is a favourite for many of our team in the winter months, or after a day on the ski slopes. Ultimate Recovery absorbs quickly while providing a protective soothing layer to the skin.




•Intense regenerative and hydrating treatment

•Promotes the natural skin healing process

•Helps reduce redness, irritation and skin discomfort

•Perfect post treatment eg. peels, needling, lasers..

•Perfect for daily use by those with very dry skin

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